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  • How many reusable nappies do I need?

    You'll need between 15-30 to use reusable nappies full time. But this does depend on a few factors such as babies age, nappy type used and drying capabilities. In the guide we will run through these factors to give you a comprehensive overview of how many reusable nappies you will need. Can I use reusable nappies part time? So put simply - yes. If you're new to cloth nappies and you're a bit unsure, just start with a few, or even just one! As a rough guide, if you use 2-3 reusable nappies per day, it would be a good idea to have around 8 in total. This will allow you to use the 2-3 for a couple of days, wash them and have a few spare while they are dry ready to be used again. If you want to use cloth nappies full time, you will need around 20 nappies. I'll go into more detail below on this, as the number fluctuates depending on babies age, what type of nappy you use and what drying facilities you have. How many reusable nappies do I need to use them full time? This is where it becomes less clear cut - and that's fine. It is a different number for everyone. I would always advise just building your stash up slowly and seeing how many it is that works for you. But as a general good guess, around 20 reusable nappies is what you need to use them full time. The graphic here is assuming full time use, and washing every 2-3 days - but as we have said above, you can absolutely use reusable nappies part time too. Babies under 2 months require changing very frequently - every couple of hours, and at each feed over night. This means you need around 30 reusable nappies for your newborn. As baby gets a bit older, this number will come down. They only require changing every 3ish hours, and only when they have pooed overnight. So around 20 reusable nappies will be enough. And then again, as baby gets to 6 months plus, they only need changing every 3-4 hours and don't require changing overnight unless they have pooed, so the number comes down to around 15 reusable nappies. How often do I need to wash reusable nappies? We advise washing your reusable nappies every 2-3 days. Any longer than this and it can start to cause some issues. If you find yourself often washing at the 3 day point, you may need a few more nappies than the numbers outlined above. How quickly do reusable nappies dry? Depending on what type of reusable nappy you use, drying time will vary. Flat nappies such as terry squares and cotton flats can often be dry within a few hours during summer months. Pocket nappy shells also dry very quickly with the inserts varying in time. As a rough guide, most inserts are dry within 24 hours. The good thing about pocket nappies is you can have spare inserts so you can use those while others are still drying. All in one style nappies can often take 48 hours to dry as all the absorbent layers are densely packed. How do I dry reusable nappies? It is best to line dry your reusable nappies where ever possible. During summer months, drying time is much quicker, so you may find if you begin your cloth nappy journey then, you won't need as many nappies as we have suggested. However, as the days get cooler and drying needs to move inside, it can take a little longer, and therefore you may need a few more nappies. You can dry your reusable nappies close to (but not directly on) a radiator to speed up drying time. Some manufacturers allow tumble drying but this is best avoided where you can, or ensure a very low temperature setting is used so as to not damage your nappies. Hopefully this has helped give you an idea of how many reusable nappies will suit you and your babies needs. We have lots of other helpful blog posts, so be sure to take a look. Matilda x

  • How do I change a nappy?

    Nappy changes are a big part of parenting, particularly in those first weeks when baby can go through double digit changes. Whether you're using disposable nappies or reusable cloth nappies - it all starts in the same way. The only differences are around the actual fit of the nappy, either way, it becomes second nature in no time at all. In this blog we will go through the main questions many new parents have when it comes to nappy changing... How often do I change my baby's nappy? What do I need to change my baby's nappy? How do I change a reusable nappy? How to fit a reusable nappy? Nappy changing top tips... First up, how often to change your baby's nappy... As soon as your baby poo's, they need a nappy change. In between, it is advised to change the nappy frequently so wetness isn't against baby's skin for too long. Under 1 month - change every couple of hrs + at every night feed Under 6m - change every 2-3 hrs + during the night when necessary 6m - 1 year - change every 3 hrs + during the night when necessary 1yr or older - change every 3-4hrs (unlikely to need a change at night unless soiled What do I need to change my baby's nappy? Before you change your baby's nappy, make sure you having everything to hand that you will need. Nappies - easiest to make sure there's a few to hand Wipes - we recommend using reusable wipes as they are super simple to use, gentle on baby and very effective Cream - if needed Changing table/mat Large wet bag to store your reusable nappies Change of clothes - good idea to have some close to your changing area should you need them Muslin cloths - more on this in our top tips section! How do I change a reusable nappy? Make sure you have everything that you need before you start changing your baby. Lay them down gently on the changing mat. If baby's nappy is dirty, use the nappy to clean off the bulk of poo from their bum. Next, use a reusable wipe (damp with water) to remove the rest, ensuring your baby is really clean. Clean the whole area thoroughly. It's nice at this point if it's warm, baby is happy and you have time, to leave the nappy off for a short while. If you use any creams, ensure that you then use a reusable nappy liner to protect your nappies. Sometimes cream can affect the absorbency of the nappy, or leave stains. Next, go ahead and put on your clean nappy (fit help below). Pre weaning, chuck the whole dirty nappy into your dry pail. Post weaning, remove as much poo as you can before again putting in the dry pail (see washing guidelines on our website for help with this). How do I fit a reusable nappy? We have put together our simple step by step guide on how to fit a reusable cloth nappy! Feel free to download the image here, head to our nappy support pages of our website or lower down this blog for a black and white free printable download - perfect for sending to nursery. Nappy changing top tips Chat to your baby while you're changing them. Pull faces, smile and laugh to keep them entertained and bond with them. Try not to show any disgust when changing their nappy. You don't want your baby to learn that doing a poo is something bad. That muslin I talked about earlier - it's a good idea to put one under baby, and also just over baby boy's to stop the pee fountain that can otherwise occur! For more helpful information, be sure to check out our other blogs. Matilda x Download our printable fit guide here...

  • Why and how should I pre wash reusable nappies?

    It is important to prewash your new cloth nappies before use. This is for two main reasons: 1. It removes any manufacturing residue. 2. It starts to build up the absorbency. Keep reading as we dive into this a bit more... Why should I prewash my cloth nappies? So, I know how exciting it is when your new fluff mail arrives in the post - you just want to get it straight on the bum. But wait. You need to prewash first! First reason - to remove any manufacturing residue (this is nothing sinister, it's just to make sure they are super clean and fresh for your little ones bum). Second reason - to build up absorbency. Natural fibres like cotton, bamboo and hemp all contain oils. These oils coat the fibres and prevent any liquid absorbing into them. The more they are washed, the more oils are removed, and the more absorbent they become. How many prewashes are needed? Just one is all you need. This will remove the manufacturing residue if there is any, and start to build up absorbency. Just bare in the mind that cotton will take around 4 washes to reach maximum absorbency, bamboo around 6-10, and hemp around 10! So you will just need to change your little one a bit sooner than you would usually have to if your nappy isn't yet up to full absorbency. How do I prewash my reusable nappies? This is super simple. Just pop in your machine on a short wash cycle. A short rinse is fine, however, to really start building that absorbency up, use a small amount of detergent and add in a few items of clothing (or other nappies that aren't new). This is because the detergent will help wash those oils off, and other items will give some of the oils something else to cling to! Once you've done your wash, just hang up to dry (outside ideally). Just make sure you don't place your nappies on a direct heat source. Remember to have a look at our other blogs for loads of helpful advice, tips and information of everything cloth nappies! Matilda x

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  • Dinky Dodo | Reusable Nappies + Accessories | Cloth Nappies | Wet Bags

    Reusable nappies + accessories. Simple to use, stylish, reliable + mindfully made reusable nappies + accessories. ☼ The Original - AI2/Pocket Reusable Nappy. ☼ The Changing Bag. ☼ The XL Wet Bag. ☼ The Pod. ☼ The Dinky Wet Bag. Sort by Pre Order Pre Order - The Original. Pocket/AI2 Reusable Nappy. Price £19.95 Pre Order Pre Order - The Changing Bag. Price £21.95 Pre Order Pre Order - The XL Wet Bag. Price £17.95 Pre Order Pre Order - The Pod. Price £16.95 Pre Order Pre Order - The Dinky Wet Bag. Price £8.95 Our range of nappies + accessories are mindfully made, using recycled PUL (the waterproof outer), in unique prints, lovingly created by UK artists. Our range is designed in Devon, and mindfully made in China. The Anchor insert that comes as standard with The Original Pocket Nappy/AI2, is made from thirsty hemp and bamboo, combined with quick absorbing cotton - the perfect combination!

  • Poppets | Reusable Wipe Solution | Cloth Wipes | Washable Wipes | Dinky Dodo Reusable Nappies + Accessories

    Poppets Cloth Wipe Solution Handmade in the UK Poppets are all handmade in the UK by a mum of 5, Becky. Poppets are a beautiful, eco friendly, kind to skin, cloth wipe solution, designed to make using cloth wipes simple + enjoyable. Each Poppets is an ‘all-in-one’ eco friendly pod made with a special blend of shea butter and coconut oil that make up a beautiful, heavenly scented cloth wipe solution to leave your wipes luxuriously soft + smelling divine. - Vegan Friendly - Safe for babies delicate skin. - Great for cleaning up messy hands and faces. - Gentle cleansing + moisturising. They use natural ingredients that are SLS, paraben, palm oil and cruelty free with allergen free fragrance where possible. Everything that you receive is recyclable and reusable. Cloth wipes + Poppets cloth wipe solution are great for both mucky bums, hands + faces. ​ Poppets cloth wipe solution is available in tins of 20 or smaller sample sizes too. Poppets Cloth Wipe Solution Price From £3.95

  • Brands We Stock | Baba & Boo | My Little Gumnut | bumGenius | Dinky Dodo

    Brands Dinky Dodo stock a range of brands for your reusable nappy, eco living and toy needs! Including My Little Gumnut, Baba and Boo, Le Toy Van, MuslinZ, Modern Cloth Nappies, Seedling Baby and many many more. Dinky Dodo Bells Bumz Little Lamb Modern Cloth Nappies Mother-ease Muslinz Poppets

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