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  • Mesh Bags

    You may be wondering: What do you use a mesh bag for? Do you wash nappies in mesh bags? What is a mesh nappy bag? A mesh nappy bag is a bag that you can use inside your reusable nappy bucket or large wet bag to contain the nappies. They are made from material that has lots of holes so that when in the washing machine the contents are washed properly. They are either found as a drawstring mesh bag or with a zip. What do you use a mesh bag for? In the reusable nappy world, mesh nappy bags are mostly commonly used to store nappies in when used. They are placed inside your reusable nappy bucket or large wet bag so that when you then put your cloth nappies into the washing machine, you don't need to handle them again - so essential they are used a a kind of nappy laundry bag. Another use for a reusable mesh bag is for smaller items such as breast pads, reusable make up pads or cloth sanitary pads/period pads. These smaller items are prone to getting stuck in the door seal of your washing machine, where as if they are inside a mesh bag they won't. Other delicates can also be put in your mesh laundry bag to help protect them in the wash, or if you have a a couple of reusable nappies with velcro, it is sometimes advised to wash these inside a mesh bag so they do don't snag any of your other items in the wash. Socks can be used in your mesh laundry bag too! No more random missing ones... Underwear and lingerie can be placed in the mesh bag as well - this helps prevent any damage being caused to other clothes from things such as bra hooks while in the wash. Do you wash nappies in mesh bags? There's no simple yes or no answer - it's completely up to you. I do find if you're using a reusable nappy bucket to store dirty nappies in, it is so handy to line with with a mesh bag so that when it comes to washing them, you simply list out the mesh bag and empty it into the machine. You can leave the drawstring open so that everything comes free in the wash. This isn't as necessary when storing dirty nappies in a large nappy wet bag as you can simply just put the whole lot in the wash. So, do you need mesh bags? Yes! They can be used for lots of things including reusable nappies, breast pads, cloth sanitary pads, underwear and more! They help make washing reusable nappies that little easier, and help protect delicate items from getting stuck in the machine!

  • Reusable Baby Wipes: Everything You Need To Know

    Reusable baby wipes are becoming increasingly popular among parents as they are simple to use, affordable, effective and gentle on sensitive skin. Not only that, many parents are ditching the disposable wipes for a more eco friendly alternative as they are on the search for plastic free wipes. Cloth wipes are also suitable for newborns, so no need to be using cotton wool that just ends up a sticky mess! We'll go through everything you need to know about cloth wipes. From what material, how to clean them, what to use them with, how to store them, how to use them on the go, how many you need and how to get started. The basics of reusable baby wipes Essentially, reusable wipes are a square of material that are used to wipe baby and toddler faces, bums and hands. They are then washed and used over and over again. What material is best for reusable baby wipes? A popular choice of material is cotton, bamboo or a blend of the two. Cotton is generally a little cheaper and can go a little crunchy in hard water (you can just rub them a bit and they soften up, plus they are used damp anyway so it doesn't really matter). Bamboo wipes have similar properties but are a bit softer. A blend is a great choice for best of both. Both of these materials can be used for hands, faces and bums. What to soak reusable wipes in? Now you've decided what material wipes you are going to choose, you may be wondering what you use with them... Plain water Poppets cloth wipe solution It's a good idea when using plain water to use cooled boiled water. This helps prevent the wipes going musty. Poppets cloth wipe solution smells absolutely incredible and softens the wipes a little too. Sometimes you'll see about using essential oils as a solution for clean wipes however, I think it's best to avoid these as if not used correctly it can cause skin irritation. How to use reusable baby wipes? It's super simple. Grab your damp wipe, use on baby, store, wash. (We'll go through storage options/washing guidelines in a minute). How to store and wash reusable baby wipes? Clean wipes: Either store them dry in a basket, and damp as you go with a spray bottle at the changing table/use the tap prior to laying baby down to be changed Store already damp in a plastic box/wet bag so that you can grab and go Dirty wipe storage and washing: If you're using for hands/face only - just chuck the dirty wipe in with your usual washing If you're using for bums and NOT using reusable nappies - rinse off/knock off any solids post weaning into the loo, store in a wet bag until you are ready to wash. Wash alongside your usual washing If you're using reusable nappies - add into your wet bag/bucket and wash with your nappies as you usually would How to use reusable baby wipes on the go? Grab yourself a wet bag, put in your pre damped reusable baby wipes and use as you would disposable baby wipes. The only difference is once used to pop into a 'dirty' wet bag ready to wash at home. Take a look at our double pocket mini wet bags which are absolutely perfect for out and about as they have one pocket for clean wipes and one pocket for dirty wipes. How many reusable baby wipes do I need? It depends what you want to use them for and how old your baby is. If you want to use them from birth, around 40 wipes will be plenty. This will see you through the early days where baby is changed so frequently and will also be enough when baby gets older for hands/face when weaning begins! If your baby is a little older and you only want to use them for nappy changes or just faces/hands then 20-30 will be enough. I would advise starting with 20 and seeing how you get on - you can always pick up more if you need them! How do I get started with reusable baby wipes? So now you know what material, what to soak them in, how to store them and wash them, and how many you need you should be all set to get going. Here's a little shopping list of what you may need: 20+ reusable baby wipes Poppets Cloth Wipe Solution (optional) Mini wet bag (for storing at home/out and about) Spray bottle/storage box for damp wipes Mesh bag (if your washing machine tends to get stuff trapped in the door seal) Alternatively, take a look at our reusable baby wipes starter kit! Final thoughts - reusable wipes are such a great alternative to disposable wipes and are a super simple plastic free alternative. Cloth wipes can be used alongside cloth nappies, or alone if you're not ready to take the plunge. If you want to find out more we have lots of information on getting started with reusable nappies.

  • Dinky Dodo Reusable Nappy Review

    My first impressions of the Dinky Dodo reusable pocket nappy... To say I was excited about the launch of the Dinky Dodo’s own label is an under statement! Having been a customer and keen follower of Dinky Dodo over the year I was already a huge fan; the brand ethic, the customer service, the fantastic value and Matilda has always been nothing but incredibly lovely and knowledgeable! I knew any cloth nappy with the her cloth wisdom and ethics behind was going to be good and she did not disappoint! We've only been in cloth nappies coming up to 6 months but in that time, rather than committing to one style, we've tried loads, sorted our way through the jargon and found some really great brands and nappies with really good features! As the sneak peeks and hints were revealed over August on Instagram it became so clear that this new nappy was combining so many great features and then some, all into one responsibly made, reusable nappy! Obviously I just had to jump on those pre-orders the moment they went live, and it just had to be 8pm didn’t it, so glass of wine in hand I got my order in. In the spirit of not making a huge commitment I just ordered the one to start with and resisted the urge to just order the whole range including accessories! I went for the Original Reusable Pocket/AI2 Nappy, in Rainbow Print because it’s absolutely beautiful and because Dinky Dodo are donating £1 from every sale of this print to the charity Tommy’s so it was a no brainer for me. I also couldn’t resist the matching Changing Bag because I am a sucker for a stylish print! When The Original Reusable Pocket Nappy arrived... When the nappy arrived it was even better than I expected! The Recycled PUL outer is luxurious! It’s got a really silky feel without being overly synthetic or shiny and the print detail is faultless. The rainbow print is super cute while remaining modern and neutral and it’s the little details like the matt finish poppers which just show how well thought out this range is, even the smallest detail has been so well considered. As soon as I’d finished admiring I got it straight in to prewash wash because the sooner on the bum the better. It’s all well and good looking the part but I couldn’t wait to see how this nappy performed. I’ll admit the anchor insert was momentarily daunting! It’s not like inserts I’ve used before in it’s design but I had a play around with it I realised it’s so cleverly designed and versatile. After watching one of Matilda’s reels on Instagram we went for folding it in three initially which works perfectly for having the absorbency right where we need it (particularly for a front napper) and the nappy fitting without becoming bulky on a littler baby! The design gives me great confidence that it’s got longevity and will grow with her and adapt to her needs as she grows because we still have a long cloth journey ahead of us! Reading up about the anchor insert I knew the combination of the three materials was going to be thirsty! And the easy stuff pocket opening and popper makes stuffing super quick. The insert has one layer of a hemp/cotton blend, one layer of bamboo/cotton and then two layers of terry bamboo so this sucker can hold a lot! The Original Reusable Pocket Nappy, in action... Our first time on the bum we had an unexpected danger nap so my littlest was in it for a whopping 6 hours, including a nap on her front and there was zero mum guilt because this reusable nappy did not let me down! No leaks which is already a win especially when that nappy was absolutely saturated! Has anyone else got a partner or families that are horrified by sock marks? Every nappy change when we made the switch my other half was horrified at those wiggly leg lines and insisted on doing cloth nappies up super baggy when it was his turn to do a bum change, which joy of joys just means more washing for me when the damn thing leaks within an hour! Taking it off I was actually shocked at the lack of marks on her legs and knicker line from the Dinky’s own label. My tiny has some chunky, chunky legs on her and from early on, with every brand and style we’ve used we always had noticeable sock marks so I was really impressed how kind on the skin the rolled leg elastics were! That’s a huge plus from me! While I know sock marks aren’t hurting little one, anything that makes the wear more comfortable for them and gentler on baby’s skin I am all for – maybe it will even get daddy doing nappies up properly in future! The other thing that really stood out that first time on the bum and every time since is just how lovely and dry her skin stays, to look at you’d think she’d been enjoying some nappy free time, not just coming out of a soggy cloth. The AWJ or Athletic Wicking Jersey works a treat too at keeping her skin lovely and comfortable and dry! Why don’t all nappies have this!! We had been using some stay dry liners which work pretty well but lets face it, it’s just another thing to wash and prep so having this feature built it which make these nappies so easy to use! And the big question with thirsty inserts and natural fibers is drying time, with the insert being so large and so thick I could have forgiven it taking awhile to dry but yet again it didn’t disappoint, we use a heated airer now the weathers changed and we have less line drying days and the anchor insert dried overnight along side more traditional inserts so absolutely no issues keeping up there. Tummy elastic wasn’t something we’d had a huge amount of experience with in other brands so I wasn’t sure what to expect and what difference it would make. It’s only a short length, which works so perfectly to keep the nappy close on babies tum without digging in and gentle enough to not pull the front on the nappy down! So bye bye those embarrassing front leaks and stained vests! Internal gussets had always been something I associated with the more premium or luxury nappy brands, and trying to go eco on a budget we hadn’t been fortunate enough to try but it was definitely something I’d heard everyone RAVE on about, so they must be good right? Well, leaks seem to be a thing of the past now, especially those perky poos! My littlest likes to let hers brew and then have an almighty poo-sposion when you least expect it and *touchwood* so far these nappies have never let us down. In fact I’ve been caught out a few times opening a nappy and not expecting much and being met with an absolute poo-nami! Cue frantically getting more wipes and trying to stop little chubby feet splashing in iy! Why do babies do that? Final thoughts for my Dinky Dodo reusable nappy review... Undoubtedly the main motivation for me in making the switch to cloth was environmental! Now even more than ever being a parent making small changes to our lifestyle to have a better impact is really important. It is obviously undeniably that switching to cloth, making laundry not landfill is better for the environment but that said this range goes that bit further, they are mindfully made! The Earth Collection is a small collection, just 5 prints, all designed here in the U.K! Each is elegant and stylish but also timeless and gender neutral; there isn’t 30 prints to collect, and seasonal styles and new prints dropping monthly. I have a lot of respect for that! As a brand Dinky Dodo are promoting responsible shopping, smart choices and a focus on the reason we all went cloth in the first place. Oh and did I mention they’ve used Recycled polyester to make the waterproof outer? If you haven’t caught on yet I could go on and on about how much I love this range. The thick back elastic, the tummy PUL I could go on and on! I’ve even sold some of my stash to make room for the full range because it’s hands down my favourite! The Original AI2 is exploding with features and not fluids! Dinky have cleverly incorporated all the best features from other nappies on the market into one down right bloody gorgeous nappy and I applaud them! Prettiness: 5/5 Slimness: 5/5 Absorbency: 5/5 Comfort: 5/5 Review written by @sophiaandthewildlings (IG) New to cloth nappies and want to know what you need to get started? We've got everything you need to know...

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  • Shipping & Returns | Dinky Dodo Reusable Nappies + Accessories | Nappy Pod | Changing Bag | Nappy Pail | Mini Wet Bag | Cloth Sanitary Pad Bag | Recycled PUL | Cloth Nappy | Baby Essentials

    SHIPPING POLICY How long will shipping take? Delivery is within 3-9 business days, however during busier times such as sale this may be longer. How are orders sent? Orders are sent via Royal Mail. If you have a particularly large order, it will be sent via a courier. Is your packaging eco friendly? We send out orders in cardboard boxes or paper postal bags. Sometimes we reuse packaging such as bubblewrap! What are your UK delivery charges? Orders £40 and over are FREE saver shipping, or you can upgrade for a small cost. Do you ship worldwide? Not currently. RETURN & EXCHANGE POLICY There's a problem with my order, can I return it? Yes! Please contact us within 14 days of receiving the item, and we will sort it out for you. Items must be received by us within 30 days of you notifying us of the return in order for the return to be processed. ​ An item I ordered is faulty, what do I do? If you receive a faulty item, please contact us with a description of the fault and a photo where possible. We will be happy to assist in resolving the issue for you. ​ I ordered the wrong item, can I exchange it? Please contact us and we can assist you. ​ How do I return an item to you? Please note: return delivery charges are your responsibility unless an item is faulty or the item was sent in error. We would recommend that you obtain proof of postage (free) and send any returns using a tracked service. Unfortunately, if the items do not reach us, we would be unable to process a refund. For faulty items, you will be provided with a free returns address label. Please include your name and order number in the returns package. Please contact us for return address details. As soon as your item is received by us and we confirm it is its original condition, a full refund (excluding shipping) will be processed. ​ ​

  • Dinky Dodo Reusable Nappies + Accessories | Cloth Nappies | Wet Bags | Changing Bag | Nappy Pod

    UP TO 75% OFF SITE WIDE SHOP NOW The Original - Pocket/AI2 Reusable Nappy Shop Now The Period Pad - Cloth Sanitary Pad Shop Now The Dinky Wet Bag Shop Now Why use cloth nappies? Did you know there is an alternative to disposable nappies? Many parents choose to use reusable nappies due to environmental reasons. Each year the UK get through millions of disposable nappies - each disposable takes generations to degrade,which means of waste sat in landfill. Not only do cloth nappies reduce the amount of household waste you produce, but they can also save you money in the long run too. Another bonus of of cloth nappies are all the beautiful prints available - you'll want to show them off all the time! Our reusable nappies come in a range of beautiful, neutral, earthy tones that will fit your baby from birth to potty training. If you're unsure and need advice, feel free to contact us! Shop Cloth Bum Baby Tees New In... The Original. £19.95 Bells Bumz Exclusive From £6.95 Mother-ease Airflow £12.95 Bells Bumz CSP From £3.95 Wanting an alternative to disposable nappies? Confused about where to start with cloth nappies? Need help with how to wash your reusable nappies? Want to know how many reusable nappies you need? Have a browse through our help pages and blog . Discover Our Range Great shop,amazing products and super fast delivery! - Fleur

  • Dinky Dodo Reusable Nappies + Accessories | Nappy Pod | Changing Bag | Nappy Pail | Mini Wet Bag | Cloth Sanitary Pad Bag | Recycled PUL | Cloth Nappy | Baby Essentials

    Sale Up to 75% off selected items The Original Pocket nappy (Earth Collection) is now under £5! Filter by Brand All White Bots Wild & Stone AppleCheeks Modern Cloth Nappies Reusabelles Seedling Baby Mother-ease Econobum Tender Leaf Toys Sassy Pants Le Toy Van MuslinZ Yoho & Co Dinky Dodo Loomey Nappy Nippa My Little Gumnut Bells Bumz BIBS Denmark Nature Babies Poppets Toby Tiger Little Lamb Tickle Tots Price £0.71 £19.46 Custom Filter Nappy Laundry Disappearing Discount CSP Flats Product Type Nappy Laundry CSP Muslins All Nappy Accessories Liners Toys Pocket Nappy Wipes All In Two Bibs Terries & Flats Training Pants All In One Newborn Nappies Wet Bags Fitted Nappies Feeding Cleaning/Dish Washing Bath Time Dummys Oral Care Baby Essentials Swim Nappy Laundry Nappy Wraps Boosters All Nappies Breast pads Sort by Quick View Muslinz 70cm Cotton Muslin Squares Price From £4.69 Quick View Muslinz 20cm Bamboo Cotton Reusable Wipes - 12 pack Out of stock 50% OFF Quick View White Bots 60cm Cotton Terry Squares Price From £1.23 Quick View EcoCoconut Scourers - 2 pack Regular Price £4.95 Sale Price £3.71 Quick View MuslinZ 100% Cotton Prefold - 6 Pack Price From £6.71 Quick View Bright Bots 60cm Cotton Terry Squares - 3 pack Regular Price £11.95 Sale Price £5.98 Quick View 10 Organic Make Up Remover Wipes & Wash Bag Regular Price £13.45 Sale Price £10.09 Quick View Bright Bots 60cm Cotton Terry Squares - Singles Regular Price £4.45 Sale Price £2.23 Quick View MuslinZ Nappy Wrap Out of stock Quick View OceanSaver Cleaner Refill Drops - Multipurpose (Apple)) Out of stock Quick View Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths - Rainbow Regular Price £5.65 Sale Price £4.24 Quick View OceanSaver Cleaner Refill Drops - Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser (Citrus Kelp) Regular Price £1.55 Sale Price £1.16 Quick View Rag Book by ThreadBear Designs Regular Price £12.45 Sale Price £9.34 Quick View Little Lamb Bamboo Fitted Nappy - Velcro Price From £7.46 Quick View Little Lamb Bamboo Fitted Nappy - Nippa Fastening Regular Price £10.45 Sale Price £7.84 Quick View Little Lamb Bamboo Booster - Triple Regular Price £12.95 Sale Price £9.71 Quick View Little Lamb Fleecy Liners - 10 pack Out of stock Quick View Muslinz 20cm Bamboo Cotton Reusable Wipes Black - 12 pack Out of stock Quick View Little Lamb Mesh Bags Price From £2.96 Quick View Bright Bots Birdseye Cotton Flats Price From £1.23 Quick View Cloth Bum Mum Badge Regular Price £0.95 Sale Price £0.71 Quick View Bright Bots Bamboo Terry Squares Price From £1.68 Exclusive Quick View Sunshine Meadow - Dinky Dodo EXCLUSIVE by Bells Bumz Price From £2.59 Quick View Little Lamb Cloth Sanitary Pads Price From £3.34 Quick View Loomey Cloth Nappy Dryer Hanger Regular Price £19.95 Sale Price £14.96 Quick View Reusable Baby Wipe Starter Kit Regular Price £25.95 Sale Price £19.46 Quick View Seconds (various) Out of stock Quick View Poppets Talc Free Dusting Powder Regular Price £10.45 Sale Price £7.84 Quick View The Anchor Insert. Hemp, Bamboo + Cotton Reusable Nappy Insert. Regular Price £8.95 Sale Price £6.71 50% OFF Quick View Bright Bots Training Pants Regular Price £4.95 Sale Price £2.48 Quick View The Booster - Triple Layer Bamboo Insert Out of stock 50% OFF Quick View The Original Pocket Nappy - Retro Collection Regular Price £19.95 Sale Price £9.98 50% OFF Quick View The Original Pocket Nappy - Retro Collection (Shell Only) Regular Price £14.95 Sale Price £7.48 Quick View The Period Pad - CSP (Cloth Sanitary Pads) Price From £4.09 50% OFF Quick View The Changing Bag (Retro Collection) Regular Price £21.95 Sale Price £10.98 50% OFF Quick View The Dinky Wet Bag (Retro Collection) Regular Price £8.95 Sale Price £4.48 Quick View Dinky Dinos - Dinky Dodo EXCLUSIVE by Bells Bumz Price From £5.21 Quick View Reusabelles All In Two by Bells Bumz Regular Price £15.95 Sale Price £11.96 75% OFF Quick View The Original - Pocket Nappy (Shell Only) - The Earth Collection Regular Price £14.95 Sale Price £3.74 Quick View Fabelab Wall Pocket Regular Price £24.95 Sale Price £18.71 Quick View Fabelab Cuddle Bear Regular Price £18.95 Sale Price £14.21 Quick View Fabelab Cuddle Doll Regular Price £12.95 Sale Price £9.71 75% OFF Quick View The Dinky Wet Bag. Regular Price £8.95 Sale Price £2.24 75% OFF Quick View The Pod. Regular Price £16.95 Sale Price £4.24 75% OFF Quick View The XL Wet Bag. Regular Price £17.95 Sale Price £4.49 75% OFF Quick View SECONDS - The Changing Bag. Regular Price £21.95 Sale Price £5.49 75% OFF Quick View The Original Pocket Nappy - Earth Collection Regular Price £19.95 Sale Price £4.99 Quick View Bells Bumz Mini Pod Regular Price £7.95 Sale Price £5.96

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