My Little Gumnut Bamboo Liners - 10 pack

My Little Gumnut Bamboo Liners - 10 pack

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    • Reusable bamboo liners sit inside the nappy and catch any solids, making the clean-up process easier and quicker for you.
    • Simply lay  a Reusable Bamboo Liners on the inside of the nappy, so it sits against babies skin. At change time, remove the liner, empty any solids from the liner into the toilet (solids will easily fall off the liner), rinse and place in the dry bucket with your dirty nappies until ready to wash. Wash with your nappies and line dry in the sun.
    • Sold as a pack of 10
    • Bamboo is fantastic at wicking away any moisture from babies skin, leaving them dryer for longer. Bamboo is breathable and has antibacterial properties which help to keep the skin healthy.
    • Bamboo Liners should be used if any barrier creams are used, in order to protect the nappy from heavy cream build-up and residue which may leave marks on the inner lining of the nappy.
    • Reusable Bamboo Liners are a fantastic alternative to disposable liners


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