Muslinz Bamboo Cotton Terry Squares Reusable Nappy

MuslinZ 60cm Bamboo Cotton Terry Squares - Single

  • Product Info

    • White bamboo cotton towelling squares, sold as singles
    • 50% Cotton 50% Bamboo Rayon
    • 60cm x 60cm (fits from birth to potty)
  • Why We Love Them

    These terry squares are great value - perfect for use as newborn nappies when folded and fastended with a nappi nippa (sold separately) but can be used right through to potty training. A wrap is needed over the top (sold separately). Terry squares are perfect for putting on top of changing mats so it's not so cold for baby, and using during nappy free time to catch those rogue wees, as well as multiple other uses. 

    Made with bamboo 50% and cotton 50% - making them more absorbant than 100% cotton terries.