Ella's House Bum Hugger Reusable Nappy, Natural, Small, Medium, Large

Ella's House Bum Hugger

  • Product Info

    • Soft and snuggly... just what your little one needs to settle in to that long slumber (or perhaps a very long journey)

    • The body of this nappy is made entirely from hemp/cotton fleece (55% hemp/45% cotton) for incredible absorbency!

    • Now with a pull out soaker making the nappy quick drying!

    • To top it all off, the entire inside (the part that sits right next to baby) is covered in 100% polyester fleece. Liquid soaks through the polyester into the hemp/cotton fleece on the outside while the polyester (naturally hydrophobic) stays almost dry to the touch

    • With gentle elastication at the legs and back to help with fit and containment

    • The soaker pulls out of the front for drying (and can be pulled out for washing depending on preference) so the nappy dries much faster

    • When you put the soaker in, it can be extended the full length of the inside of the nappy or folded at the front if desired for boys.

    • Please note that the polyester fleece goes on the inside of the nappy. Although if you have chosen a colour or print this means it can't be seen when worn, nappies are usually worn under a wrap then clothes so this is not a big issue. You see the colour/print when the nappy is drying and at changing time!

    • For extra heavy wetters, try a hemp booster in between the nappy and the wrap!

    • Popper fastening

    • Sizing information - S 3-7 kg (6,6-15,4 lb), L 7-15 kg (15,4-33 lb), XL >15 kg (>33 lb)

    • Always use nappy wrap over these

    • Material: 55%hemp/45% cotton, 100% polyester

  • Why We Love Them

    The absorbency! SO SO absorbent. Perfect for over night use, or even if you have a long jouney planned. They also feature a handy pocket so if you do need further boosting, it is easy to do!


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