Bright Bots Birdseye Cotton Flats

Bright Bots Birdseye Cotton Flats

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  • Product Info

    • 100% cotton Birdseye nappies by BrightBots.
    • “One Size”  70x70cms – one-size fits all.
    • Birdseye fabric is a trim, absorbent fabric that washes easily, dries very quickly, and is soft and comfortable for baby.

    Can be used in multiple way

    • Perfect for a newborn baby - use as you would a muslin square... fold and fasten with a nippa, then cover with a wrap.
    • Continue this set up right the way through to potty training too... fold, fastenen with a nappy fastener, cover with a wrap
    • Pad fold into a wrap
    • Padfold and use as a pocket insert or booster in any of your nappies
    • Can be doubled up for extra absorbency
    • Available Natural (Unbleached) 6 Packs, 3 pack or singles
  • Why We Love Them

    These are a complete game changer! They can be used just like you would a traditional terry square but are a lot less bulky. Making them perfect for newborns as well. They are that bit more absorbent than muslin sqaures so you'll plenty use right through to potty training. 


    They are also so brilliant to use as a pocket nappy insert... simply pad fold to form a rectangle, and stuff! Because they are made from cotton it mean's you get quick absorption, they are pretty thirsty and also no compression leaks! Win win.