Bells Bumz Hemp & Bamboo Fitted Nappy (v3)

Bells Bumz Hemp & Bamboo Fitted Nappy (v3)

  • Product Info


    • Hemp & Bamboo Fitted Nappy - actual nappy will have rainbow stitching
    • Perfect for those night times and heavy wetter’s. Made of two layers of hemp, two snap in inserts (1x 3 layers of Hemp and 1x 3 layer Bamboo - so you have 8 layers of super absorbent material in total)
    • 4 rise adjustments so you can alter the size accordingly.
    • Soft elastic around the legs.
    • Lined with super soft coffee fibre fleece. It’s amazing at staying dry and absorbing all of the wet through its layer. Super soft against babies skin and antibacterial to boot.
    • This nappy needs to be accompanied by a wrap
    • Fits approx 10-35lb (4.5-15.5kg)
    • Due to the hemp content - it is best to wash the nappy at least 3 times before use to build up absorbency and will reach maximum absorbency after 10 washes.
    • Features a pocket for easy boosting

    Coffee fibre fabric

    Produced  in a similar way to bamboo - using high pressure with low temperature, coffee grounds are spun into a yarn. This process is eco-friendly, because it has a low energy operation in which the original waste product and recycled into useful fabrics.

    The result - soft, light, flexible, water resistant fabric. It is has activated carbon which will help wick water away and keep skin cool. And it can bind unpleasant odours (this effect occurs because coffee fibres contain a large amount of pores, which expand and grow when it is roasted. These pores will help to pull moisture away from the surface). It also dries super quickly!

  • Why We Love Them

    Firstly, the lady behind the brand - Chloe is really lovely, and had a clear vision - "My wish was to produce a well designed , good quality cloth nappy that people can afford." Which she has absolutely done.

    The key element of this fitted nappy is the coffee fibre fleece layer which has lots of benefits - is a stay dry layer, is made from what would otherwise be wasted products and dries quickly too!