Bambino Mio Miofresh (Nappy/Laundry Cleanser) - 300G

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    • Designed to clean, freshen and deodorise reusable nappies and other garments at low temperatures.
    • Ideal for all white and coloured laundry, including reusable nappies, clothing and bedding.
    • 100% gentle – free from nasties such as enzymes, synthetic perfumes or optical brighteners found in conventional nappy cleansers.
    • Natural and non-biological (enzyme free). To see a full ingredients list click here.
    • Biodegradable – helping preserve our environment.
    • Perfect for newborn delicate skin and suitable for all skin types.
    • Effective washing at lower temperatures.
    • 300g – approximately 7 standard washes.
    • This product is vegan friendly and is not tested on animals.

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