Reusable wipes

Baby wipes - the staple in every parents changing bag, at the changing station and pretty much everywhere to be honest, because they are handy for so many sticky situations! However, that's a lot of single use plastic going to landfill and maybe you've decided it's time for a change, enter... reusable wipes!

You may be thinking, are reusable wipes right for me? Are they hard work? Seems like a lot of effort particularly when away from home? Are they easy to wash? Let's get these kinds of questions answered...

Firstly, making the switch to reusable wipes doesn't need to be all or nothing. Perhaps you start using them just to wipe hands and faces at home, or just for wet nappy changes. Whatever it may be, just using them part time is completely fine if that works for you! Or, you can go full time, and use them for dirty nappy changes, as family cloth instead of toilet paper and any other occasion you would have previously reached for a disposable baby wipe!

Now you may be wondering, that's great. But how do I use them? Do I need a special solution? Simple answer; no. All you need is plain and simple water. You could store your reusable wipes already wet in a sealed box, store them dry and run under a tap before using, or store them dry and have a spray bottle of water to dampen them at your changing table for example.

And what about when I'm away from home? How do I store them when they are dirty? Again, as above, you can take them already damp in a wet bag, or dry to wet using a tap, or dry with a little spray bottle of water. Then pop the dirty ones in wet bag to chuck in the machine when you get home.

Finally, when it comes to getting them clean ready for using again. Simply pop them in the washing machine. If you're using reusable nappies you can put them in with those. If not, post weaning poo chunks need to be plopped into the toilet and rinsed, but anything else can go straight into the machine with your next wash load!

And that's it! Hopefully it answers some questions you may have, and gives you the confidence to give them a go! For Dinky Dodo's selection of reusable wipes, click here.