A review of My Little Gumnut Pocket Nappy

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

My Little Gumnut

You may have seen a bit about this Australian reusable nappy brand before but you may not. Dinky Dodo were the first UK stockists of My Little Gumnut, which are growing in popularity due to their amazing hand drawn prints and functionality.

But, not only do this brand do nappies - they do products for you too mama, so you can matchy matchy with your CSP (reusable cloth sanitary pads) and breast pads!

A bit about My Little Gumnut

"My Little Gumnut started in 2013, not long after our own little Gumnut entered the world. When our daughter, Sophie, was born we naturally fell head over heels in love with her. We also fell in love with all things baby and loved styling Sophie as well as filling our house with stylish baby items.

And so My Little Gumnut was born - an online store bringing you practical and stylish baby products! During the journey of creating our store, we discovered Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN's). As with all of our products, we started using and trialing MCN's and soon discovered how amazing they are! Thus, we set out to create our brand of MCN's and My Little Gumnut was transformed!"

The review - My Little Gumnut Pocket Nappy:

The nappy is fully lined with by bamboo-fleece - it is suuuuuuper soft, even after washing and provides a stay dry feeling against baby's bum.

It is a single gusset nappy - some people prefer a double gusset, but if you don't, this is the nappy for you!

The pocket opening is big enough to make stuffing simple! And the back is lined with the same material to ensure the softness of the lining rather than any PUL is against baby. Just a note - the inserts don't wiggle their own way out of this pocket so it is best to remove them prior to washing!

The nappy comes with one bamboo/ microfibre mix insert (2 layers of bamboo, 3 microfibre). The insert itself is quite thirsty for how slim it is, however only coming with the 1 insert may not be enough for all babies - but if your baby does need a booster, you won't end up with an overly bulky nappy. Top tip, if you have a little boy, fold a third of the insert over and put this in first, so you get the extra absorbency exactly where it is needed. The insert itself is also really quick drying - it is almost always one of the first inserts that is dry on the line!

The My Little Gumnut pocket nappy has 3 rise snaps, therefore giving 4 rise settings, so is a great fit for a range of sizes. However, like a lot of birth to potty nappies, ideally baby will need to be 9lb+ for this to fit well.

My Little Gumnut come in a wide range of beautiful prints (this one is boho princess), that are constantly being updated. The PUL of these nappies is silky soft too.

The final rating...

Dinky Dodo's Rating = 4/5

- Looks 5/5

- Absorbency 3/5 (1 insert may not be enough)

- Slimness 4/5

- Drying time 5/5

- Ease of use 4/5

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