Mesh Bags

You may be wondering: What do you use a mesh bag for? Do you wash nappies in mesh bags?

What is a mesh nappy bag?

A mesh nappy bag is a bag that you can use inside your reusable nappy bucket or large wet bag to contain the nappies. They are made from material that has lots of holes so that when in the washing machine the contents are washed properly. They are either found as a drawstring mesh bag or with a zip.

reusable mesh nappy bag

What do you use a mesh bag for?

In the reusable nappy world, mesh nappy bags are mostly commonly used to store nappies in when used. They are placed inside your reusable nappy bucket or large wet bag so that when you then put your cloth nappies into the washing machine, you don't need to handle them again - so essential they are used a a kind of nappy laundry bag.

Another use for a reusable mesh bag is for smaller items such as breast pads, reusable make up pads or cloth sanitary pads/period pads. These smaller items are prone to getting stuck in the door seal of your washing machine, where as if they are inside a mesh bag they won't.

Other delicates can also be put in your mesh laundry bag to help protect them in the wash, or if you have a a couple of reusable nappies with velcro, it is sometimes advised to wash these inside a mesh bag so they do don't snag any of your other items in the wash.

Socks can be used in your mesh laundry bag too! No more random missing ones...

Underwear and lingerie can be placed in the mesh bag as well - this helps prevent any damage being caused to other clothes from things such as bra hooks while in the wash.

Do you wash nappies in mesh bags?

There's no simple yes or no answer - it's completely up to you. I do find if you're using a reusable nappy bucket to store dirty nappies in, it is so handy to line with with a mesh bag so that when it comes to washing them, you simply list out the mesh bag and empty it into the machine. You can leave the drawstring open so that everything comes free in the wash. This isn't as necessary when storing dirty nappies in a large nappy wet bag as you can simply just put the whole lot in the wash.

So, do you need mesh bags?

Yes! They can be used for lots of things including reusable nappies, breast pads, cloth sanitary pads, underwear and more!

They help make washing reusable nappies that little easier, and help protect delicate items from getting stuck in the machine!

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