How to be eco friendly with a baby?

Having a new baby on the way can often raise questions with new parents to be on how to reduce their environmental impact. Below we can our top 5 ways how to be eco friendly with a baby.

Eco friendly parenting tip #1

Reusable nappies

Many new parents worry about how many disposable nappies will be sent to landfill given that their little ones will be changed multiple times a day. Every baby uses an estimated 4000-6000 nappies from birth to potty training, which is a substantial amount of waste.

Reusable nappies can be a little daunting to begin with, however, they are incredibly simple to use and can save you a lot of cash too... particularly if they are used on more than one child. Not only this, reusable nappies are free from harmful chemicals and many parents find them better for babies with sensitive skin. If you're wondering how to wash washable nappies then have a good read of our step by step guide.

Recommended product: The Original Pocket/AI2 nappy.

Eco friendly parenting tip #2

Reusable wipes

Much like with nappies, disposable wipes product an enormous amount of waste. Many wet wipes contain plastic so end up in landfill, or even sewer systems, causing huge blockages. Yet switching to washable wipes is a really easy one. A reusable baby wipe is also waaaaaay more effective than a disposable wet wipe for cleaning up poo (I'm taking one reusable baby wipe will do the job of 4/5 disposable ones!)... as well as wiping mucky hands and faces too. They are also great for sensitive skin as they can be used with just plain water. They are super simple to use - just dampen them and go. Some like to store reusable wipes damp, others wet them as they go. Just chuck in with your reusable nappy wash or alongside your usual wash after a quick rinse first. Reusable wipes make for a great baby gift as well if you're unsure on what to get new parents!

Recommended product: Muslinz Wipes

Eco friendly parenting tip #3

Buy second hand

Not only does buying second hand clothes save you a lot of cash, there are some absolutely amazing finds out there of immaculate condition clothes. Not only that - you can extend buying second hand to so much else, like baby clothes and maternity wear too. Try searching social media pre loved pages, or local selling groups!

Eco friendly parenting tip #4

Simple 'toys'

There can be a lot of pressure out there that your baby needs x, y or z in terms of this toy or that toy. But a lot of it can often be in the form of plastic with flashing lights. However, babies can get so much stimulation from an array of other simple things. Why not get crafty and make your own sensory bottles, or get those christmas lights down from the loft to create a beautiful sensory area. Of course just make sure baby is supervised at all times and is safe. Wooden toys are also another great option and can be really open ended to spark babies imagination.

Eco friendly parenting tip #5

Plastic free feeding

When it comes to feeding - if you're able to breast feed this would be the most sustainable option. When it comes to moving onto solids, so many pre packed baby food comes in single use plastic. Where possible, it is much more eco friendly to cook from scratch (top tip - batch cook to save you time and sanity later on!). Also, consider baby led weaning as there is much less prep involved. Not only is making your own baby food better for the environment, but it's also much more tasty too!

So, how to be eco friendly with a baby?

  • Reusable nappies

  • Reusable wipes

  • Buy second hand such as plastic toys, wooden toys and clothes

  • Simple toys

  • Plastic free feeding

Bonus tips - Consider a more eco friendly baby shower. Perhaps suggest a bit of a wish list so that you are only bought what you need, and more eco friendly baby products. - If you are bottle feeding, consider using glass baby bottles. - Opt for quality clothing that is made to last

If you want to learn more about getting started with reusable nappies, we've written a more detail blog on this. Or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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