How many reusable nappies do I need?

Simple answer - you will need around 20 reusable nappies to cloth full time.

But let's break this down...

When you first consider using cloth one of the first questions you may have it 'how many will I need?' There are so many factors that can effect the answer that we will go through below.

I want to cloth part time

If you only want to use cloth nappies for say 1 or 2 days a week, or for only the first nappy of the day, all you need to get started is a few nappies! Try a couple of nappy brands and types to see what you get on with best, and build your stash up from there. Cloth nappies don't need to be all or nothing, and you don't need to buy 20+ straight away if you don't want to.

I want to cloth full time

You can see on the right how variable this figure can be, so lets go through it.

Newborn reusable nappies

Newborns get through A LOT of nappies. They should be changed every 2 hours, and then as soon as they poo. So you can be looking at 12 nappies per day. To allow for those 12 to be washed and dried, even if washing every day you would need a total of 24. This is one of the main reasons we recommend MuslinZ and a wrap for newborn stage as they are really affordable and dry quickly. Not only that, but they are really useful to have when you no longer use them as nappies.

And what about after the newborn stage...

Without just re-writing the graphic to the right you can see that as your baby gets older, they require less nappies as the time between changes gets longer. This is why 20 reusable nappies is a figure you'll keep seeing as it is generally going to be a good starting point. You'll soon figure out if you could do with a few more to account for how often you are washing, and how long your particular nappies take to dry.

How many night time reusable nappies do I need?

Again, to reiterate, newborns are different as you'll need to change through out the night as well, but as baby starts to sleep for longer stretches and no longer poos in the night you can start to think about using a more absorbent night nappy such as terry squares or fitted nappies with a wrap such as Ella's House Bum Huggers. Fitted nappies can often take quite a while to dry, so if you intend to wash every 2 days you'll need a nappy for each of the 2 nights, plus an additional 2 for when the others are being washed/dried.

Hopefully this has been helpful, but if you would like any help at all, please feel free to drop us an email -

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