Nappy Systems Explained

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All In One (AIO)

Absorbent inner is attached to waterproof outer shell

Very easy to use (most like a disposable)

Slower to dry than other types

Generally, a more expensive option


All In Two (AI2)

Absorbent inner pops on and off the waterproof outer shell – function like an AIO when poppered together

Simple to use

Quicker to dry than AIO

Some you can replace absorbent inner and reuse shell 

Some feature a pocket opening too


A waterproof outer, and usually a fleece inner 

There is an opening at the back to stuff with inserts (the absorbency) – which allows customisation of absorbency

Simple to use

Shells dry very quickly  (inserts vary in drying speed, but can have additional used on rotation)


Fitted nappies

Can be sized or birth to potty

The whole nappy is absorbent 

Can be fasted in a variety of ways – poppers, hoop and loop, or Nippa

They need a wrap over the top to make waterproof 

High containment

Great for heavy wetters/overnight



Such as terry squares, prefolds or muslins

They are folded and fasted with a nippa

Need a wrap over the top to make waterproof

Most economical option, with multiple uses

Fast drying


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