Nappy Boosters and Inserts

Reusable nappy boosters are used for adding extra absorbency to your reusable nappy. Nappy boosters are often made from microfibre, cotton, bamboo or hemp.

  • Microfibre is quick to absorb but has least absorbency - which make them good for babies who are prone to flooding nappies, and also they dry quickly. Just note that microfibre is not a natural fibre like the others.

  • Cotton is also quick to absorb, but holds a little more than mircofibre.

  • Bamboo is the middle ground - average to absorb but high levels of absorbency. 

  • Hemp is the most thirsty material of the 3. But the trade of is that it doesn't absorb as quickly.

Whats the difference between a nappy booster and nappy insert?

Generally an insert is what already comes with the nappy when purchased, where as a nappy booster is something that is added extra to this.