How do I use reusable nappies?

How do I use reusable nappies? What do I need? How do they work?

If you're new to the world of reusable nappies and have just started to look into them, we understand it can be very overwhelming (we've been there!) and you probably have lots of questions you want answers to. We've put together a fuss free guide below on everything you need to get started. 
1) What is a cloth nappy? 
  • A cloth nappy (or reusable nappy - the names are interchangeable but are the same thing) is essentially an absorbent bit and a waterproof bit.
  • There are various styles of cloth nappy available, and various materials (you can find out more about them here) - each type has pros + cons. If you are unsure which is best suited to your needs, complete our advice from here.
  • Cloth nappies are simple to use, although we completely understand to begin with they can seem overwhelming. 
  • You use cloth nappies in the same way you would a disposable, but instead of binning the nappy, it goes in the wash instead!
2) What do I need?
Around 15 - 25 is needed for full time use (it depends which type of nappy you go for as to how long they take to dry, and how often you intend to wash). However, you can start with just a handful of reusable nappies and use them on a part time basis!
Either a wet bag or an open/airy bucket. There's no need to soak your nappies. Just dispose of poo down the loo (post weaning) and story until wash day. It's handy to have a medium size wet bag or 2 as well for when you are out and about!
Most people like to have a small selection of boosters in their nappy stash. Any brand of booster can be used with any brand of nappy. They come in a variety of materials (see here about that), each with pro's + cons, it's nice to have a mix. They can be added into your nappies to give them that bit of extra absorbency.
You don't need liners but many parents like to use them. They go on top of the nappy, right next to baby's skin, to catch solids. All solids need to go down the loo (post weaning), but a disposable liner can then be binned, where as a reusable liner goes in the wash. Reusable liners also provide a stay dry feel against baby. 
Reusable Wipes
The simplest switch to make. Simply wet before use (either store dry and wet as you go, or store already damp in a box/wet bag), then pop in the wash!
Shopping List
  • We've compiled a list below of everything you'll need to use cloth nappies full time, any have broken it down into ESSENTIALS, HANDY TO HAVE, ADDED EXTRAS.
  • We always say though that you don't need to be all or nothing with cloth nappies. You can start with just a handful of nappies, and that is completely fine!
20x day time nappies (you can get away with less
5x night time nappies (+ wraps if needed e.g. using a fitted nappy at night)
1x dry pail (e.g. wet bag or open bucket)
30x reusable wipes
10x boosters (a mix of materials e.g. cotton, bamboo + hemp)
1x medium wet bag/pod for out and about
1x roll of disposable liners
25x stay dry liners (fleece or athletic wicking jersey)
1x box of poppets wipe solution
3) How do I wash them?
You can find our washing guidelines here
4) How do I get started?
We are happy to help you get started - complete our advice form here and we will send you some recommendations based on your answers. 
Or, browse our full range of nappies here.
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