Dinky dodo reusable nappies and accessories

Reusable nappies + accessories.

Simple to use, stylish,
reliable + mindfully made 
reusable nappies + accessories.

☼ The Original - AI2/Pocket Reusable Nappy.
☼ The Changing Bag.
☼ The XL Wet Bag.
☼ The Pod.
☼ The Dinky Wet Bag.

Our range of nappies + accessories are mindfully made, using recycled PUL (the waterproof outer), in unique prints, lovingly created by UK artists. Our range is designed in Devon, and mindfully made in China. 
The Anchor insert that comes as standard with The Original Pocket Nappy/AI2, is made from thirsty hemp and bamboo, combined with quick absorbing cotton - the perfect combination!