All In Two Nappies

An all in two reusable nappy come in a couple of forms - some have a stay dry lining on top of the PUL, other don't. Some have pockets, and other's don't. They are kind of a hybrid between an all in one and an all in two.

- Convenience like an all in one (absorbent core can stay permanently attached if you chose)

- Quicker drying if core is unpoppered

- Able to have extra inserts as the wrap dries much quicker than inserts (some all in twos if they don't have a stay drying lining attached to the PUL, you can simply wipe and reuse a couple of times before washing as long as they are not soiled), allowing you to get it back onto babies bum much faster therefore needing less total nappies to cloth full time

- No need to stuff, but a pocket opening allows easy extra boosting

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