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How did Dinky Dodo come about?

Dinky Dodo was founded from my love of cloth nappies. Before my baby was born I knew I wanted to try cloth - but getting started seemed like a minefield. Having tried and tested many brands and types of cloth nappies, the goal is to provide a one stop shop for all things cloth nappy - as well as accessories, reusable wipes, cloth friendly clothing and eco friendly living.

Where did the name Dinky Dodo come from?

I wanted the name to be relevant and irrelevant at the same time. Just something memorable, and perhaps to contain something to do with animals. I have my sister in law to thank for the name, it was one of her suggestions and I loved it. So the answer, basically came out of nowhere!

Dinky Dodo Ltd


Registered in England and Wales

47 Larkham Lane, Plymouth, PL7 4PH