Dinky Dodo

Why we started

If you're finding yourself here it's probably because you're new to cloth nappies or already a cloth bum parent. Just like you, when I first started looking into reusable nappies I became completely overwhelmed with all the options and all the 'rules' that had to be followed (FYI, there are no rules...) I wanted to change this. My mission is to make cloth nappies simple (because they are!) and give easy to follow advice. I'm just a parent trying to make some eco concious swaps and wanting to make it accessible for others to do the same. Let's make cloth nappies the norm. 

Where did the name Dinky Dodo come from?

I wanted the name to be relevant and irrelevant at the same time. Just something memorable, and perhaps to contain something to do with animals. I have my sister in law to thank for the name, it was one of her suggestions and I loved it. So the answer, basically came out of nowhere!

Dinky Dodo Ltd


Registered in England and Wales

47 Larkham Lane, Plymouth, PL7 4PH